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Paying the clerk and referee: I was unaware of this until the September meeting. How many times have I asked for volunteer help from the announcer’s tower saying, “BMX doesn’t happen unless we all pitch in. This sport is run by volunteers as nobody gets paid to do this.” Then I find out the clerk and referee get paid! That makes a liar out of me. I certainly won’t be saying that from the tower anymore. Even though I think it’s indefensible position, they may defend it.

Competition Congress: You will notice at the September meeting they defended this to the hilt. Whereas Linda Vanderhoff had previously said it was a waste of time, at that meeting she also defended it. They all think it’s a great thing where you learn a lot. Not only that, it seems to be necessary if you’re going to be part of the glorious NBL.

It’s going to be tough to tell these people that these things should be cut. I’ll back you on the paying the clerk and referee issue though.