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So I guess we’re asking if Linda or Les will come down and hang with us tomorrow.
Quite frankly I’m tired of hearing from new people that they have walked up to them and asked to help and they get the cold shoulder.
I’m tired of of Rich and Chris getting bounced back and forth instead of listened to.
I’m tired of hearing things like “I try to think of every reason why an idea won’t work before I try it”.

To achieve something worthwhile you have to never start to shut people out. Good people come, bad people wander in, but you have to never turn off that little place in your heart that says “Give em a chance”. It’s over.

The order of the day for a long time was, this track or that track can’t have all the power.
What power?
It’s all BMX.
Once you lose that spark that says welcome every new person and give them a smile and a chance is it really any fun anymore? Much like the people who have been running things all this time, I too had a distrust of people. Moreso a suspicion, so I figure let’s get to know these people. And ya know what they needed to do the same with me…with us. But it’s over, I’m not leaving, the returning guys aren’t leaving, a new generation is coming up and it’s time to trust them with the sport they love. No one on this board, I don’t believe anyone at these tracks are in it for more than the love of BMX.
The time has come to let the new guys come in. It doesn’t mean goodbye for those who kept things alive, it means it’s time to back off and let the people who grew up with the sport have a hand in running it.
None of us, not me, Ant, Rich, Chris, Pete, Dave (you), Bill, Pete, Craig, Jim, Jeff…and on and on would ever do a damn thing to hurt this sport. But running people in circles, and closing those off who truly love what they are doing is not a positive thing.
I don’t think this post was negative, but things have to change and sometimes, like Dave just said you have to piss people off.

I’ll see everyone tomorrow.
As usual I expect the bullseye to be painted on me.
But this time, if anyone is coming up to
“Shut somebody up.”
It’s not gonna happen.

Everyone finally has what they wanted, a group of motivated people with the best interest of BMX at heart.
Let’s get to work.

Oh and I have found that it is best to give new ideas a shot it can lead to amazing things.

Like BMX.