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no no no,
you can not get more girls into the sport without making it so girls want to be in the sport.
stop thinking about how NOT to do it and start thinking about how TO do it.
This is what holds everything back, you all have got to start thinking outside the box of what has been done so far.
Let’s wait till we get more riders to promote the sport to more riders, lets give everyone who races card saying when the races are…

I have had the malaise in this state up my bottom this past year and quite frankly I find it incredibly sad that the people who say they love this sport so much don’t sit down and figure out ways to make it better.
You bitch because I say let’s have state meetings 6-10 times a year.
Guess what…it’s gonna happen…maybe not now, or next year…but barring my death, it will happen.
Have any of the moms ever sat down with each other and their daughters and said hey…let’s get some of the girls together and get a team going?
You all keep saying it’s for the kids and the riders but yet how often do you go out and tell them,
I can only hold back on how I feel about this for so long….
How many times in the past did you have a state meeting and bring the kids with ya and just let them fly with whatever ideas are in their heads?

Ask the girls about this, hell ask the boys about this…maybe it might make the other teams try harder if the freaking ladies were given a shot at something like this.
I am so hot right now I can’t take it.
If one more parent who has never straddled a top tube, tells me something can’t be done it is gonna get real nasty.

Here’s the bottom line..stop thinking like parents all the time and start thinking like a kid.

Kid- I want to have fun doing what I am doing.