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Moto-X doesn’t use paved berms.
Didn’t we evolve from that?
I understand the logic behind a paved berm, but sometimes a step forward is two steps back.
The younguns do not remember the days of a rider just diving low being able to drop a foot down and make a clean pass.

And, a few guys tried to run clips BITD. Track operators stopped them, it was only when the nbl and aba allowed the pros special privilege to run them that they became the thing to wear.

1998- Clips come into BMX racing.
Has BMX racing grown or shrunk since then?
I am also finding out that a lot of people who have been involved in BMX notice this same thing.
If we ban clips…now stay with me here…
BMX racing suddenly opens itself up to the potential of TONS of potential SHOE sponsors that will pump money back into our sport.
Keep buying Time and Shimano and money gets funneled from us to other disciplines, I’m sorry but that just sorta bothers me, ya know?
Vans has a huge BMX program. I buy Vans.

1990-1995 BMX freestyle riders take control of the sport.
Has BMX freestyle grown or shrunk since then?
Off topic…but just beating my drum again.