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LOL whoooa im so not Mr. Old School. The last BMX company I started was in 1997 and we only made AL frames with canti mounts.
I was just trying to save a rider just returning from being away 20 years, from thinking that he had to get Carbon forks to compete. The advantage in my opinion of Carbon over say ChroMo forks is nothing like comparing say 1pc cranks and flights.

Im not saying you cant win on Carbons lol. In fact top Pro riders use them , most get them free is all Im pointing out. I’m sure carbon forks will be in the Olympics rofl. Im saying, Im also betting that not all riders will be on Carbon forks.

Thats it I’m entering the Over 40 Novice Cruiser, No Clip, Fat guys class Olympic team and prove that you dont need carbons to compete!

Man Scythes have to be the sexiest forks since Redline made Tubular forks.