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Rich absolutely not a low blow lol. I mean guys always think that since they dont know who I am, that Im some guy that used to race BITD and hasnt progressed with the sport and Ive been left behind. I’ve been in the sport the entire time, maybe a year off or two now and then.

Progression is in the eye of the beholder.
I think BMX has regressed and the sport is in much worse shape then ever.
When was the last time 2 or 3 new tracks opened in NJ?

I think Answer Scythe forks are a complete waste of money. But some have money to waste. If you gave me Scythe forks and Rich you had Astubulas, I bet you’d still beat me. No doubt in my mind.

Racers that waste their money are working on the wrong area. Training, riding, doing gates, racing are the best ways to get good. Im willing to bet some of the riders that make the USA Olympic team WONT be using Scythes.
Again if I was rich Im sure Id run a set just cause they are so frigging cool. [/u]