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I will say this.
After meeting and talking (relatively little, I mean the man was a legend back in my day) with Greg Hill this past summer, I have to say that I can’t see someone more level headed, well rounded and with an understanding and love for the sport of BMX than this gent.
To bring him on board at Woodward would bring the camp back to it’s racing roots and make an excellent starting point for bringing racing to the forefront with freestyle once again.
Perhaps some racing pros can make Woodward thier home much like the freestyle pros do. Maybe this can begin to bring some unity to a sport where the top athletes do not seem to realize where they currently stand.
Daily or weekly sessions?
I can only see Greg and Woodward coming up with some kind of excellent idea to utilize both. Perhaps weeklong sessions in the summer and daily’s in the fall and spring. Woodward allows people to come up to session in the off months with the freestyle area.
BMX racers need some cross pollination with freestyle mentality at this point, and Greg is the one to bridge the gap.
Would be nice to have an indoor facility in NJ to do some practicing though…. ❗