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Rich lol Im not some guy whos just coming back after being away for 20 years. I taught my last clinic here in SoCal i think in 2000 or 2001.
Joey Licata is a freind of mine and Answer sponsored my last team and I’m sure Ill work with him again.

But the Carbon forks for Pros is not what everyone thinks. For lil kids they are awesome. Anyone think different, dont take my word. get to know some Pros and find out how long they go before switching out their Carbon forks.
Find out if they love them so much they pay for them because they think the Pro sized riders Carbon forks are worth their money and make a difference worth paying for.

In all my clinics during the 90s I told kids not to buy the over priced, Pro Forx. That they were a gimmick and none of the Pros would use them if they weren’t being paid. As soon as the Pros stoppped getting paid to use them Pro Forx went by bye.