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There wasn’t much to my racing this weekend. In the main on Saturday I passed 4 people to 3rd place in the first corner. I had the outside gate and was stuck out on the first straight. On the double out I manualled and caught a strong wind in the back. The front end never came down as the wind kept blowing. I hit the second lip of the double with the rear tire and got launched out into the flat on my ass.

Sunday, round one I took an easy lap since there was no practice and I didn’t know how well I could ride after Saturdays fall. Round two I flipped the gate and that ended my weekend. O-Gorman, one of the Kovachi guys and Cheyenne also flipped the gate. Kelty hit it as did Stumphauser. It seemed a little slow on Sunday compared to Saturday.

Gates for the weekend were 8-4-7 and 8-4-6. Not very good ones to have.