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Dont remember the date but I remember the place…

Late November or early December 1981 Jersey City Armory. 14 and Over beginner. 1 footed start. I did not transfer (ABA). I bent the cheapy forks on my tri-moly ‘Goose in practice on the whoop-de-doos in the last straight (I didn’t know you were supposed to pull up for them! 😯 ). Very first race and we were already replacing parts. 🙄 But, I did make it up for motos (new Tange forks), and got hooked!

I came home from that race and the first thing my dad did was put a board on a wire milk crate and pointed it to the wall and said “you need to learn how to balance on the gate”. Way to go Dad!

I raced 8 races that winter, transferred 6 times and got 4 trophies (they didn’t trophy to 8th in those days). My first trophy was a 3rd place and I still have it.