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i dont know about the old school race i think there is an age qualification/ you have to dress old school/ flats mandatory i do know that… i will ask matt this weekend.

they have all sorts of opens i think for every age. the16″ race( pit bike or garage sale junk- your choice) is open to anyone/anyage… my son used a pieced together/ garage sale parts bike last yr it was so cool but broke the crank off at the christmas classic this past yr…haha so much for plastic pedals…)

they usually have haloween goodie bags and all sorts of raffle prizes/ 50/50 and fun-off the wall races.. one year we did a backwards race where they started from the finishline… another time it was run to your bike and then take off with someone holding the bikes on the first tabletop… lots of suprises…

the last straight new section should be finished they are working on it this weekend i think so it should be sweet.