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I will admit attending the following concerts / shows in the 80’s:

Heart – cheesy on the new stuff, but they rocked the old stuff like Barracuda

Mister Mister – g/f dragged me to Great Adventure for that one

White Tiger – same thing

The Tubes – same thing

Howard Jones – again, same thing, except at Continental Arena

Echo and the Bunnymen (dont ask – at Rutgers – same g/f)

Steve Winwood doing his new stuff at the time – but at least he did some old stuff.

38 Special with Bon Jovi as the warm up (a good show except for 38 Special sellin out on the new stuff)

Screamin Blue Messiahs – Hayden’s other band (ha-ha). I have no clue how I ended up at that one.


David Bowie Glass Spider tour with Squeeze as the warm up

The Cure (at MSG – can you say contact high?)

But, to shock you all, I saw Grateful Dead at Giants Stadium (right after a Mountain Bike race). G/F had tix. It was an experience.

Those are not all the shows I went to, but the 80’s definitely were interesting.