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your son is the best advertizement…. the more he talks it up the more friends will want to try it.

kids talking about it in school is a great firt step…. when my son was in kindergarten he brought one of his large trophies in for a “show and share” day and boy was that a hit… the following weekend i took 2 kids to the track to check it out on a non race day if it wasnt for the flat we got on the one kids bike( they had to share after that) we prob would have been there all night… unfortunately the parents didnt come with us and i think the hard part is getting parents to go the distance whether its the drive or the commitment i dont know… i say we get them before little league or pop warner and we have a better chance… parents are a hard sell to a sport that is not as “mainstream” as we would like it to be. so get um while they are young before they commit to a spring/summer sport. the flyers are key the more the merrier!!