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Near the house I grew up in Morris Township, NJ, there was a pit jump back in the woods formed out of a drainage / runoff stream to a lake that had since been emptied. We used to stack tires up and see who could clear the most blasting out of the pit.

Well, in time I became the king of tire jumping, I think we got it up to 8,9 maybe 10 tires high.

Well one day me and some of the guys I rode with were heading down there and some locals were already there, one looks at me and says “hey, here comes that Crazy Craig kid and his crew”. It stuck.

What really made it stick was my propensity to let out a Yeeeee-haaaaa! at any given time at Braddock (and still doing it to this day!). Some called me Rebel Yell Wilson, but like I said, Crazy Craig stuck.