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35X Results at Woodward:

Kelley Kelley 1st
Tom McMurray 2nd
London Wilmot 3rd
Cliff Wissinger 4th
Craig Wilson 5th
Rob Bennet 6th
Pete Woghelmuth 7th (he had just come back from cruiser semi – totally gassed)

Congrats to Pete for taking 3rd in 35-39 Cruiser. He was hanging with Randy Greco all day! No joke – he was smoking and jumping almost everything!

Regional results:

Farside smoked 40-44 Cruiser both races today.

Jeff Heath 3rd in the Regional Championship (he didnt race the National). He looked good out there.

Tom won 35X
I won 35 Novice and took 8th in 35-39 cruiser (was in 4th, 5th place t-boned me in the 1st turn and we got tangled up)

Niall Bridgemanm was in the cruiser main, too, not sure where he ended up, possibly got 4th maybe.

Congrats to Loren Hamblin making the main in 35 Nov and coming in 6th. I do believe he made his main at the National as well. His kids looked real good too.

…and yes, you read right – I won 35 Nov. The NBL said I had to run Novice in the regional championship since I did not turn up before August 31st.

Pete did not race the regional championship because he did not race enough locals to qualify.

NJ represented very well today! Sorry I do not have all the results here. I just got home and I’m going to bed now.

Wilson out.