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Clips take all of the motocross-like-action out of the race. It sucks for spectators. guys are staying all low to the ground and doing all these “weak clipped in moves”, trying to save what, one or two seconds. sure you might have won the race, but in the larger scope of BMX racing, it sucks. The scale at which people are speeding up to the point that determines which they are catching air, or not catching air, is so close in physical measure to the rider trying to win the race, but to the spectator it makes all of the difference in excitement level. Sure someone who is a fellow hardcore racer might be like, “hey did you see how well that clipped in guy rolled that jump, that was awesome”, but someone’s “beer drinking-football-fan-uncle from Pittsburg” who came to watch a race wouldn’t see anyone jumping and would probably lose interest after watching a couple motos and walk away thinking bmx is pretty lame. (or wouldn’t notice one way or another because he lost interest so fast.)
I’m just being real opinionated, and kind of sarcastic, but in some ways this is how I feel. Sure clips are cool in there own way, and I think we shouldn’t do away with them (just have a seperate class for them Bart). I say leave the clipped in footwear for the downhill skiers. Or at least seperate us into different groups in the bmx world. Make clipped in racing like the cruiser class: optional.