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@jaylamoon wrote:

😀 This is a great response and I agree the site was headache free up until a month ago. Its easy to get fired up! so ummmm bring a friend lend em a bike and lets watch BMX grow. I know this is a touchy subject and Im sure you’ve all talked about it (clips) well if your using them what ones are the easiest to get into. the ones I have are hard tof ind the clip . someone said the tymes are easy to get on? any opinions old school guys (SORRY) is the only time they really give you an edge on the gate?

I did 2 races in clips before my little flip put me out for a while and at first I was disappointed my gates felt slower
I think it was just a mater of getting used to them the more gates I did the better they felt. You can feel a difference in your spin

I never thought about pulling up on the back foot (I didn’t think I was pulling up at all), but last week I rode with flats and with out even thinking about it as soon as i started cranking my back foot started pulling off the pedal !!!! it was weird !!

also you can adjust the clips so you can get out of them real easy