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People are complaining to the wrong person, and quite frankly complaining and doing nothing never gets anything done. People complained about the njbmx site, did anyone ever think to just go talk to Jeff Morgan about it? I didn’t, ’cause I didn’t have the “testicular fortitude” to do it. Amazingly enough when I actually did, Jeff was open to everything, and you’ll see how open come next year.
People complain about where the money goes, well, I attended a state meeting and there in b&w was a detailed expense report accounting for everything.
People complain about not knowing what’s going on, well…complain to me, I have sort of taken on that responsibility.
People complain about tracks in NJ, but do they take the 15 minutes to just talk to the officials at the track? Do they show up to help out, submit track designs? I do…ok well maybe I talk for more than 15 minutes, but I’m old, my mouth moves a lot.
Part of the new direction is less complaining and more doing.
I expect people to start showing up at the tracks, registering and when they get done, immediately asking, “How can I help out?”
If you have a problem or want to know something and don’t know who to ask, ask me and I will get someone who can help you.
I, Me, Brett, want more people actively involved in doing.
And…and this is very important, when you do help, do it because you are just stoked to help out BMX, not because you think you will be owed anything after you help.
Maybe that’s why, even after all this craziness, the people on the board and at the tracks still talk to me, because I ask for nothing but to help.
Everyone who types on the keyboard here, should be doing the same.