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Brett, no need to defend yourself. Those in the know are fully aware of your commitment to BMX in NJ and ALL that you have been doing. I have personally seen you with shovel or broom in hand at the track, not to mention going to town council meetings to discuss practice tracks, making flyers to hand out, etc.

Oh, and then there is inviting us all down to your house for meetings. And no, we didn’t all just jump on our bikes and go for a ride, we got some sh*t done that helped make for the best State Meeting yet from what I hear.

And, yes, I have seen you having tons of conversations at the track, but most of the time it is because you are trying to find out whats going on, how to make it better, and what’s on everyone’s minds. Networking is essential to growing this or any worthwhile enterprise.

And darn Brett, as if you don’t have enough to do, you get out there and take pictures so everyone can go to the site and see little Johnny out there looking like a stud.

For anyone who doesn’t know Brett, he was never asked to do any of this. He volunteered himself. He is using his talents outside of BMX to improve the sport he loves.

Wilson out.