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i believe if i remember correctly….you cant get into the camp til 12noon( coming from a campers perspective) and they did have a practice 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 with the alternating 13 under/ 14 over scenerio….. i dont think they had any pre race.. the reason they did away with the racing on friday night ( orig it was the regional championship on friday night and the national was sat/sun) was that alot of racers had to take off from school on fri to make it there in time for the race and i was told that they( powers that be) decided forcing the riders/ families to take off of school was not a good idea anymore( parents complained) this was the year of the woodward hurricaine if i remember correctly, then the make up was at westmoreland…. friday was all day practice, sat was national followed by reg champ, then national on sunday… i believe its been like that ever since..

hope this helps