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Guess what…there is none! According to the NBL website, there is no prerace because of the Regional Championship. So, I call the NBL and the nice lady tells me that it is true, there is no pre-race because of the championship race (I did ask the obvious question…what the hell does Friday night have to do with Saturday afternoon, she did not know), and that the listing in NBL Today was a misprint. So, I ask if there is practice or anything on Friday and she thought there would be, but was not sure (and did not offer to find out). I asked if the fine people at Woodward might know and she said it would be a good idea to call…

I call Woodward and ask if there is practice on Friday evening since the NBL tells me there is no prerace. She proceeds to read me the prerace practice schedule from the NBL and that the prerace is at 6:30… I tell her that I just got off the phone with the NBL and theytell me there is no prerace…her reply? “were just hosting it”

is it me or WTF?@!

anyone been to this before that can tell me how they did it in the past? Or is this new this year.