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I’m in Rich, you know that.

My goal was winning the main at the Grands, and boy did I come close. But, for some reason I am having trubs keeping my starts consistent through a whole weekend, so I am all for Greg coming back. BMX Underground got a pic of my main coming over the tabletop in the first straight. I am in the middle of the pack, but my first straight pull improved so much I was able to dive into the turn with more speed and come out second. I need more help to put the complete package together to do battle in 35X next year (I may just focus on the 20″, we’ll see)

I came home with a banged up shoulder and leg, both on the right side, so I am just getting back on the bike as it is, but hope in a week to be ready enough for Woodward.

Not going to the ABA Grands, but I know if I make the trip next month to Delaware for the East Coast Nats (ABA), my novice days are over. So I know I got my work cut out for me.

Thinking about a new frame Rich. I love the DB, but maybe thinking going XXL 22″ TT. Formula maybe? What’s Felt got? You seem to do just fine on yours. Let me know.