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i have stayed up with my training– but without much orginization as you might tell by my last post– but i have talked to Rich Carolin (sp)a couple of times and he has helped my try to figure some things out as far as setting up an “actual” program. so as of today i have finished my second week of orginized 07 training. looking fowrward to staying on pace and being a friggin rocket ship next season.

i’m in for greg coming again, me and rich farside had talked about this a couple of times before he got hurt, and i think it’s a good idea. and i will be getting in touch with rich farside pretty soon about hitting the track here and there since we live fairlly close to each other.

i would like to thank greg for coming out, farside for getting him to come , and Rich Carolin for helping give me some dirrection.

good luck to everyone next season— i know it’s far off, but i can’t wait till the jack frost race!!!!