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Oh and Bill, again you are mistaking personell problems with sanction problems. The ABA did not have anything to do with correcting the problem at that track, locals did. The same MUST happen in NJ. The popularity contest you mention is prevalent in NJ, but for it to be an NBL thing, there must be the same problem everywhere, and that you cannot say.If that were the case, then the problem at this other track should be considered an ABA problem. Right?

To set the record straight, we race both sanctions almost equally locally,and like both sanctions for different reasons. I am NOT anti ABA. On the contrary, we are heading out to Ohio this week end for the Redline Cup. If there was a NJ ABA track we would probably find time to go there as well. We have tried to get racers from both sanctions to try the other, with little success. My rants are about fixing problems and assigning blame where it belongs if it belongs there.