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if the 13 yr old dosnt want to be there i dont thnk it matters whatt their parents or the nbl say or think…. if they want to race they will race. when they stop asking to go to the track i agree its most of the time because there are a limited amt of “older guys” there. i know my son always says i hope so and so is there today…or i hope i can race in such and such class , i hope they move me up into so and sos moto,,,its bout wanting to be as fast as the older guys…

thats why when we have our opens at flem we let the little guys get a taste of it sometimes ( we give them a lead of course) to let them see what they have to look fwd to.. they love it

as the riders get older they have to have a reason to go, and if you are lucky there is not a “bossy girlfriend” who wants them to stop racing. that seems to be a common complaint i hear from riders when i ask why they stopped….( so beware!!haha)

i think these are all good ideas and maybe some should be brought up at the meeting. i think the mentor program thingy is a good start this way the older guys can keep an eye on their “proteges” (cant spell) and the little guys have someone to go to/ look up to.

how the heck did i get on this subject? old age i guess.