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I guess my only question is…back then was anyone asking those 13 year and up guys and gals what they wanted to do or were all the parents just doing what the nbl said was cool?
I mean…those satin jackets were being given out for a looooong time…. 😆
The kids are stoked because they are getting some props for busting their butts, and you are right the kids do “race” because it’s exciting, but it’s exciting because it’s fun. Being with your friends at the track is what makes this thing work. Every race has to feel like a big gathering of your buds to bust out and have a good time otherwise it’s just another boring day.
That is why the older guys leave, the fun aspect is gone. How many trophies, plates, satin jackets can one get before it becomes the same ol shit. They need incentives like being given a say in what goes on, designing stuff, being made feel like they aren’t just riders anymore but the next generation of those in charge, plus they need to back off a bit and get the education, job, family thing going on.
A lot of thinking in the past was done about having fun at that moment but not on how to keep things going.
As Carol Gleason would say….stirring up the pot….