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yes you are correct it was 10 locals and 4 qualifiers( back when each track did a back to back race weekend and mullica was one) the bw races didnt count in state series just as a local i think but it did count towards the regional( maybe double points if i remember correctly) points series if you followed that.

we did have some lean years where hardly no one went to rep nj in the pres cup. i dont know why that happened maybe when it moved to fla? i dont know. when we first started going we had close to 70 riders representing nj it was a real TEAM NJ event. banner and all a whole section of bleechers- we had to fight for our space ( i know cause we used to get there early and caution tape the whole section off- yea i admit it i am a caution tape fanatic! lol) what happened i dont know. but last yr we had maybe 10 kids and somehow the thrill wasnt there anymore- i could see it from a spectator point of view… a rider view was different. still racing trying to make the main… still putting out 110% but where is the team spirit? i think thats a big part of whats missing in nj. all you have to do is sit near fla and see what we are missing.