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CrazyCraig- with what you said i completly agree with you. On the other hand i very much understand economics and inflation after all i do own a bike shop. So bmx and bmx racing in general is in my life everyday. i live it, i race it, i work for it. The fact of the matter will never change with how much everyone is spending at these state races they should be getting more.
Look at it this way, everyones been complanning about how regionals and nationals are run and how the season is beeing handled. But now look at the nj state series, its turning into the nbl’s regional/national series. everyone is beeing forced to do this many races or they cant race. the prices are outragious for the state races and thats before you even get a trophy. You mention inflation, ok well tell me is that where all the money from the state series is going. I understand eht has always had a questioning budget but not the state series.
A few years back the state series was getting better and better, heck they even sold state series t-shirts with all the tracks on them. (just like the regional series) I would like to hear some of the important things that the money nj bmx brings in. NJbmx says “We are a group of BMX Enthusiast, Racers, Parents, and Supporters trying to keep the Sport of BMX Racing in New Jersey the home of organized BMX Racing.” Then who that races is on the board, who that races even gets to voice there opinion. you guys are forgetting how bad it was getting at times before you guys came back. All the people that tryed to make a differance year in and year out finally gave up just when you guys finally started to make a differance. Its not gonna be that easy to get all them people to come back to the meatings. Just like its not gonna be that easy to get all them riders to come back that left becuase of the high fees and the required traveling. Like the bmx legend always said raceing is getting over rated, riding street and trails is where its at, its where you can ride for free and for the fun of it.
Ok now you obviously have to charge for racing since its organized, but does racing still have the effect on kids like it used to. I mean come on you have kids getting threatened all the time now and nothings beeing done about it till it gets seriously out of hand or until it affects someone on the board directly.