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@RaidenHayden wrote:

901, it’s like the rest of life, we get less and lees for our money every year, but like in life we have a vote. MESSAGE , make your vote count

Ditto to what Bill said. Its called inflation. I believe those in charge do their best to keep the fees as reasonable as possible, but everything else gets more expensive every year. Heck, look at the price of gas & oil, don’t you think that makes everything else more expensive?

My suggestion is this: if you really love BMX and understand economics, then in order to keep racing, you in your own life have to figure out how to earn more money to afford the things you want to do (more importantly learn how to keep and save more). I know us adults with houses and families understand that all too well, and to make sure my racing did not have an ill effect on my budget, I cut out alot of non-essential things this year (many less trips to Dunkin Donuts & 7-11 for coffee). I found other ways to pay for my racing as well.

At the risk of sounding like Tony Robbins, you make your own way in this world and nothing is impossible. You do whatever it takes to get it done.

Still, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look at every possible way to get the most out of our race fees. Like everyone here is saying: get involved. Things will not change in one meeting. It takes time and commitment.