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Dave Godfrey. Oh hell yeah! Forgot about that. He had a brother Bob and a younger brother. Dave was super for a while. I believe when Howell reopened and had a regional, Fuzzy Hall came out and Dave beat him.

Erick, Erick, Erick. I believe you and I were there when the NBL started the Superclass. It was at the Thanksgiving National in Harrisburg (perhaps 89?) and we stayed with Jud Ciancio and Pete Dylewski right?
They changed the name of B Pro to Superclass and allowed you to still race amateur at locals to give people an incentive to turn up. You could race as a pro at nationals and still race locals. Tons of people turned up. Jesse Guilbalt turned up there. Matt Sherman turned up there and also raced the Quaker States at Cedar and did well. Craig, didn’t you turn up there?

If you raced Superclass in the NBL, you raced A Pro in ABA so I would say Superclass counts as Pro. The NBL is retarded and just keeps changing the name. There was Superclass and All Pro. All Pro? How retarded is that? Now we’re A Pro and Elite. Who knows what it will be called next year. The ABA has called the classes A and AA Pro for over 20 years.

So yeah, Rob Dolecki, Marc Inella, and Marcus Dixon were Pro and they all raced some ABA. Clay was definitely Pro. He turned at the 88 ABA Fall Nationals in Orlando, FL which was right over the fence from the NBL Orlando track. He was racing Shawn O’Gorman who was A Pro back then. Now Shawn is Vet Pro with me.

Then there’s James Vincente (sp?) from the Braddock area. Wasn’t he pro? Help me out Craig. My hero was Brian Shute who rode for Action Wheels. He battled with Clymer at a lot of eastern nationals.

Tom Ballard was an AWESOME pro. He would get an 8 novice start and coast around in last place, looking down at his bike as if he had some mechanical difficulty and that’s why he was in last place. Penny Shipman said he would do the same thing when she used to beat him on cruiser. Stupid pot head. Why can’t he just go away and not come back?

Janeen’s son Mike Welsh was super for a while but he quit this sissy BMX stuff and he rides bulls now.

Anything else you need to know about NJ BMX from 86 till now just ask.