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What I would do, is sit down, and think of a way to get your idea across!!!!
First, like the NBL, have a rider, who is voted on at every track, one for each, to represent the riders at the state level. Remember the idea isn’t to take over but to work together!!! That would give the state board at least six members, plus commish, plus treasurer, and secratary. To me to many chiefs, but it seems to be the NBL way!!!!! And the meeting (private that is) won’t be overburdened. Definitly have open meetings too!! As to include everyone and have you committee’s, again too much in the way of a buearacracy, but this seems to be a way to start.
The biggest thing that can be done however, is at the track level, and that is to promote promote promote!!!! The flyer thing is the way to go!!! Ask Rob Vargo at Cedar, when I was about six weeeks ago I asked “what have you been doing to increase the ridership?”. His reply “flyers, flyers everywhere!!”