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dan broke his wrist in 2 spots ( possibly 3- hopefully not) at the last practice on thurs- then a couple of riders ran over him – in fact one of them also broke his wrist so they had 2 kids in his group “touching the gate”…we will see tomorrow when we see his orthopedic/ hand specialist.. i am hoping he was spared the fx of that tiny bone in the middle that dosnt heal for squat( i forget the name) anyway he is doing better spirit wise/ the dissapointment as usual is sometimes worse than the injury itself.he really liked the track this yr it was so fast and not too extreme for a change.

any of you older riders with a history of multiple crashes ever use a bone stimulator? someone mentioned it to me in the er they say it makes a fx heal faster??? usually they use it on bones that are hard to heal ( like this scaffoid bone or whatever its name is) will ask the doc tomorrow when we go. what do you do when a kid isnt ready to throw in the towel its not winter ya know… he is not ready to hang up the bike yet

thanks for the well wishes and congrats to everyone from jersey who rode hard in ky.