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I think everyone is just busting your chops. My personal belief is that you are doing the right thing because of this:
You are actually listening to everyone instead of just blowing it all off, almost like we’re all friends, lol!
You’ve set up a few goals for yourself and you’re making them and it is my personal belief that you’ll move up when you’ve accomplished them. I mean it is a pretty good judge of where you stand in that class when you go to the grands and make the main and are in the hunt for 1st…

You’re also sorta setting an example, you’ve come back, tested the waters, doing pretty good and will move up soon….
Everyone on this board KNOWS there are guys in the old mans class that will sandbag as a novice forever in hopes of getting a nat1 plate. Craig isn’t one of them.
Though…Rich’s post was pretty dang good….LOL
I look forward to next years old NJ X class…even if I’m getting my doors blown off every moto, because I know everytime we all line up on the gate next year, even though the goal is gonna be to cross the line first, the ultimate goal will be to make BMX bigger and better here in NJ.