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@RaidenHayden wrote:

Rich, I didn’t want to go there!!!! But, dude Craig you are as bad as a kid staying nov one more time so you can race another nat, step up, and show the young ones the RIGHT thing!!!! I mean your words in previos post sound just like those kids you hear in staging

Before I comment on this, I just KNEW something would be coming from Rich! I love it!! 😀

Bill, its tough. Dale comes over to me after the State Champ race and says I am right where I need to be since I am racing Nats and still working out the kinks. But who would of bet on me this weekend? Then Jess hits me with the whole better to get last in Ex than 1st in Novice. He said it with the right intention but then there is my son: he does not understand the moving up thing or Rook/Nov/Ex. But he knows what #1 means.

I have not sandbagged this entire year for anything, and even if I race the next two weekends and win, I’m still short of the 20 pts, not that it matters, and I have raced to win everytime. I know I tend to go out of my way to share my “story”, but this has been an extreme sucess story for me and in my heart the Regional #1 would close this chapter out nice. If I did win the main Sunday, I know I would feel different, but I didn’t.

You may agree or not, but I promise you this: I will not show up at the Presidents Cup as a Novice. 8)