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As Greg Hill would say, Don’t concentrate on who you are racing, just concentrate on racing.
It will affect a kids standings only if he doesn’t beat the faster rider.
You are at the grand nationals or the worlds you are supposed to be racing against the fasted riders in the nation-world.
If you are leading points and can’t a rider that another kid can, even if this “other rider” isn’t there for a plate, then whoever beats the faster rider should win the plate.
Racing is all about winning the race against the fastest people in your class.
What has happened is that a lot of rules have been put into place to soften the blow to johnny racer who doesn’t win.
It’s hard to explain some of this stuff because most everyone here has never raced an aba race.
Again, there are no qualifications to “race the grands”. But there are qualifications to win a national ranking.

I do not like that the state series makes you qualify as well and you can’t race if you don’t hit the mins. Should be the same as the nationals.
You can race, but you get no plate.
I don’t know, maybe if we discuss this real time, we could figure it all out…