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this is very simple they could do what we all had to do race the nationals in novice class hell thats what i had to do. you can still be a rookie but when you go to a nat you race in the novice class. rookie used to be called beginer and thats just what it is .how many times do you have to race before your not a beginner i say maybe ten or 15 times.when i was a kid (still am at heart ) nobody wanted to be a factory novice all decked out in 200 hundred dollars worth of team blah .yeah im top 5 in the nation in rookie or even novice hello its time to move up. i dont think theres to many pros who were in novice for 3 years.race faster kids and youl get faster. theres to many out there that just cant deal with losing so they just stay nov cause the feel good about beating less experinced riders.