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What the?!??!

I’m away for two days and what happens?
And what got into Farside? He’s just upset cause I didn’t give it to him or Taylor. 🙂
I can’t wait till Jesse sees this. 🙄

For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been announcing for 18 years and this idea finally came to me. Perhaps in a dream, or while signing autographs, or perhaps it was a dream I was signing autographs.

Other sports like baseball award an MVP of the game award for the best performance of the game. Why not for BMX? I thought of having a racer of the day award at every race. An award (perhaps in name only) for one rider that impressed me the most. And no, that doesn’t mean I’d give it to Sarah Welsh every single week, even when she’s not there. 🙂 Sorry Janeen. 🙂

The hope is that it would inspire racers to try harder each and every time they’re out there, make people care about local races again and perhaps increase the level of competition here in NJ.

What would I look for in giving the award? Beating riders older or higher proficiency than yourself, girls beating boys, come from behind wins, drag races down the last straight to a close finish, killer passes in a turn, dominating all three motos and main, skills, speed, bribes, etc.

I’m still hashing out the details as to what to call it, how to make it meaningful, should we give an award like Brett’s sticker. (let’s hold off on that for now) Perhaps it will come to me in another dream.

I figure anouncing gives you a good vantage point to give the award. Anyone is free to use the idea. I’ll probably do it wherever I announce. Who knows? Perhaps this will become a new standard in BMX. It’s the perfect thing for a sponsor to attach their name to, like “Hyper’s racer of the day award” at nationals.

All I know is Farside ain’t ever getting it. 😛