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My friend, this is not an accusation at all. It is fact. My son doesn’t even want to race any more. One of the parents gives him a death look when ever he races.

I did speak with NBL regarding this, and they said the same thing.

Maybe it is a loyality to BMX and NBL, but I didn’t want to take it to the police and put it in the public eye. It is a Fedral offense and the FBI would take over. It is payment for physcal harm and/or injury and also accepting payment for the same.

I just wish it could be resolved out side of taking these other steps. I cannot help but wonder how many other riders are faced with this fear also.

It breaks my heart that this year my son wanted to race hard and come in 1-5 in the Nation in Memory of his Father who passed away. This situation surely put a stop to that