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Ok, here’s the deal, at least as far as I know it…

the last straight has been brought up to grade. I know this has been a painfully slow process, but in reality there is probably 4+ feet of dirt added to the entire straight. At this point it is just flat.

We also worked on the big double on the 4th straight and hollowed out the center and re shaped it a bit. The two small “speed bumps” right out of the 3rd turn are much bigger and the step up going into that turn is now a bit longer and more shaped out.

There is not a whole lot we can do right now with shovels and rakes!

BTW, Flemington 3, machines 0…as in so far the skid steer has broken both days, and Sunday the backhoe broke 2 hydraulic arms…and you thought HC was easy!!!

As for next work day, possibly next Sunday. Matt will be there Wednesday for practice, BUG HIM!!!