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imwatchin-to you, you obviously know somthing no one else knows about victor behm. first of all the reason why he was yelling at the finish line was that they wouldnt do anything. NOTHING at all. they wouldnt even listen to us about what was going on. that guy was even aloud to race that night. as for the van and yelling where do you get ur info and did you bump your head?

bmxgirlmom- punishments were mostly giving to a 12yr old that was threatened, he had no choice but be involved. and the 33yr old is from statin island. whens the next time he will be at eht or even nj for that matter.
things like this happening are the reason for things falling apart.
as for eht bmx getting shut down, no one wants eht bmx shut down it needs a new director and president and rules like this to be enforced we dont need a goverment there.
and i guess victor behm would look like the bad guy when people want things done at the track and no one but him will speak up.