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I’ll be there tomorrow night.
If anyone wants to talk, I’ll listen.
If it takes this track shutting down to teach everyone a lesson then that may have to happen.
But that does not mean that BMX racing will not continue on in south jersey.
From my viewpoint and what I have learned from speaking to all of you over the past 2 years is this current problem is indicative of the way things were allowed to atrophy over the last 6-7 years.
I want every single one of you people who knew Bob Warnicke, and I know if there is 223 of you looking at this that more than a few of you knew the man, to ask yourselves what he would be thinking right now looking at the people he left in charge of BMX. Is this serving the memory of NJ’s greatest advocate for BMX properly?
Have you all been doing the right thing in the years since his passing?
Have you?