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Nope, they won’t postpone, but I hear rumor that we might get Geritol, Tylenol, and a local sports rehab doctor to sponsor the race! 😀

Wait, Ace Bandage just called to get on board.

…oh, and Pfizer called (makers of Viagra), they want to know if all us old guys are doing this racing stuff to, uh, err, compensate for any problems.

…there goes the phone again, hello? Who’s this? BenGay? Sorry, IcyHot already snagged that sponsorship.

…wait, hold on, who’s this? Daimler Chrysler?? You want us to what?? No, I’m sorry, as qualified as we may seem, I don’t think any of us are interested in a job as a Crash Test Dummy (psst – how much does it pay? 😀 )

Saturday is gonna be fun!