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Yours truly was announcing the last moto and saw Dave go down, and then Chris flip over him. You guys were just flat out hauling a** all night. I hope my announcing didn’t get you jacked up too much! 😀

Chris, after Dave did his forward front flip you just caught him or his bike the wrong way and it threw you. No time to react. Hope yer feeling better. I bet yer glad you had the body armor on.

Brett’s right: it was not the best night for the old dogs. First moto I slip a pedal before the first jump and Brett got loose too. I end up doing a one-footer and you could hear us both in the air, side-by-side, going “Shiiiiiiiiii-ttttttttt!!”. It was pretty funny. Luckily we both landed it safely.

Lets keep the rubber side down this Saturday!!