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what did people do when it was 10 locals and 4 state qualifiers?

honestly- why have a state series at all??( sarcastic tone) its hard i know for the riders to get the state races in if you do nationals but if you cut it down even more the local tracks suffer.

much of the prob comes from rainouts when you cant get your races in.

you get the right to choose local/ state/ reg/ nat…no one says you have to do all of these. the reg series is for folks who dont want to travel that far for the nats but want sometihing a little bigger than the state…. i believe thats why it was set up…not for the national riders to do all the nationals and all the regionals and states then complain that they cant get any locals in for the state series because there are too many races..its called pick and choose you cant please everyone… if you spend all your money on every race thats your choice 😯 crazy but it happens…