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I gotta be honest here about the whole state series thing.
I honestly never got it.
I mean we run this thing…so you would think if you were the “best” in the state you would get to run it nationally….like a 1nj or something…
but no.
The only place you can run a state number is in NJ.
If you want an “earned” number in the nbl you gotta hit your “regional” championship thereby giving bob and company more cashola.
or you go to the grands to get your “national” number even if you’re a rookie.
I have always and will always believe that the nbl sells people a bag of b.s. with lots of these series.
People keep asking me if I’m hitting this national or that one and quite frankly there is just no way in hell I am giving the nbl any more money than my license fee at the moment. I’ll run locals and the state races ’cause I believe in what we are doing here, I don’t believe in what the nbl is doing, so I won’t support it.
I vote with my dollars.
Enough political ranting for the day.
Revolutionarily yours,