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i think there are showers in the mens/ ladies rooms near the pool. i didnt personally use them but 2 yrs ago a few of the people we knew who camped used them and they said the ladies one was very clean. that year it was really warm out and kids also swam in the pool there as well.

just remember anywhere you camp tent or rv) or park is a hike to the track so bringing something with wheels ( like a dolly or hand truck) is a plus.coolers w/wheels are highly recommended.

the go carts are a separate price ( i think $5/ few laps) and parts of the skate park is a pay one price wrist band for the day like $30 i think so bring the cashu with you if you have a few kids…lol… food is decent in the canteen just remember everything is pricey so if you make sandwiches or bring your own drinks you will be ahead of the game.