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@bmiddaugh wrote:

LOL, tell ya what though, I wouldn’t trade all those memories of Braddock for anything.
I like it that your actually making these guys realize that it’s cool to want to move up and not sweat the “I wanna be Nat. #1 novice thing”.

I would love to be NAG #1 in Novice, but only if it happened this year. So right now I have one goal, and that is win the main at the Grands. That would be almost the same to me, and probably feel even better.

There is no way I could stay Nov through 2007 unless I do some SERIOUS sandbagging. I already have 7 or 8 move up points. But, we all know that is the problem. Career Novs & Rookies milking it. And we have already beat that topic to death in at least 10 other threads.

But lets beat it to death some more:

If I stay novice, how am I going to get better? Last night I chased two 18x’s around the track. Guess what? It C-H-A-L-L-E-N-G-E-D me. Yo folks, to many y’all think its “challenging” to figure out how you can get your kid #1 NAG in Nov or Rookie after he took top 5 last year. If your kids looks up to guys like Phil & Rich, guess what? They didn’t get there by luck!! And they have only one goal, to be the absolute best they can be against the very best riders on the planet! Period!

Okay, off my soap box. Wilson out.