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Janeen, from what I can see, you are the rare person who is capable of taking on all this stuff and getting it all done. Unfortunately, there are always going to be people that only hear what they want to hear and just never seem to (or want to) understand that you have better things to do than take their cr*p. (No Paul, I am not referring to you, you’re cool bro.)

I wish there was someway we could get word out to every rider and parent in the state that if THEY know a better way, then hey – Volunteer!! Or attend a state meeting, etc. That is why I don’t b*tch (about much 😀 ), because I have limited time to volunteer due to my distance from the tracks.

Paul, I am not bagging on you. But, regarding the regional, I think it is technically an NBL event, not a state or local event, so that should have at least raised the question sooner. I hope to see you at the Championship, so come on down to EHT on the 15th, there are usually a few of us on most nights to make a class!