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I have been out to do sprints several times this past week, mostly at night. I can also do three sets of 10 Vert leaps without feeling like I gotta hurl. I did those twice this last week. Time to step those up.

I raced EHT tonight. Had to chase an 18x all night and didn’t relax just cause there were only two 35+ Novs. It made for some good training as I only rode class tonight. Afterwards I did 4 pump laps. I am starting to manual without trying over some jumps, and had fun stylin the second straight. I’m finally feeling much more comfortable on the 20″. The only problem is when I get on the cruiser it feels like a bus after all the work on the 20″.

recovery ride tomorrow, some sprints Thursday and then off to Trumbull for the weekend. I will only race 20 there as well, I have my 5 nats in on cruiser.