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It was New Paltz, not South Park.

The funny thing is, I smoked everyone the last moto, he was no where near me, so I do not know where he gets off saying “I took him out”. You can ask Jeff Heath, he’ll confirm.

You know what they say, there are three sides to every story: What he says, what I say, and what really happened.

The funny thing is I never said anything about “doing whatever it takes” to get #1, only that I was trying my hardest. I do not have a snowball chance in h*ll of getting #1 NAG. Funny, it seemed like a fairly normal pre-race conversation.

Ask any NJ rider that was there, and even though they might be a little biased, they will tell you (even though I will admit being a little sketchy, but so was everyone else), that all I did was hold my line and this guy was a sore loser. I got nothing but applause for NOT BACKING DOWN.

I do ride within my abilities, and getting better every day. I think this guy is sore cause he thought he was looking at easy seconds (3 man moto). If you look in Regional Standings, I am right behind him, even though I have fewer races, so its obvious who has been doing better, even though he has hit more nationals (he is #6 NAG last time I looked).